The ATA EUROPEAN CAMP is Europe’s largest Songahm Taekwondo event. It celebrates the continuous growth of ATA in Europe! This event includes a Class A Tournament, exciting martial art seminars for children and adults of all ranks, a Black Belt testing, Instructor Certifications and workouts with 9th degree black belt Presiding Grand Master M.K. Lee!

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Grand Master M.K. Lee

Grand Master M.K. Lee is a 9th degree black belt and the Presiding Grand Master of the ATA. He has served as the ATA’s Director of Rank Advancement Training and is a member of the ATA Founders’ Council. He was inaugurated as Presiding Grand Master in 2022. Don’t miss the opportunity to train with this legendary martial artist!

Chief Master Nominee Ademar Andrade

Chief Master Nominee Ademar Andrade is an 8th degree black belt and the president of the Latin American Masters’ Council. He owns 5 ATA schools and oversees 37 more as the master licensee for Brazil. He has won multiple national, Pan American and World Championship titles. He has coached the Brazilian National Team for more than 10 years, leading them to 8 Pan American titles.

Chief Master Jordan Schreiber

Chief Master Schreiber is an 8th degree black belt with 39 years of martial arts experience and 32 years of experience as an instructor. Prior to his recent move to England, he owned and operated ATA schools and clubs in the United States for 30 years. He is also an attorney and serves as the ATA Legal Counsel and as the director of ATA Europe.

Master Pedro Tânger

President of the Portuguese Songahm Federation and General Director of STAT Martial Arts. 6th Degree Black Belt, Pedro Tanger first started as a lawyer and 9 years ago he professionalized becoming the first school operator in Portugal. He now manages 3 full time schools and several clubs, spread through Portugal, Italy and Switzerland.

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