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General Protection Data Reglament

In compliance with Regulation (EU) 2016/679, of the European Parliament and of the European Council, of April 27, 2016 (GDPR), Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm implements this Policy regarding the use and protection of personal data.

Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm Details

Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm
VAT number 513844767
Registered office: Rua Silva Carvalho 60A, 1250-255, Lisboa

Area of application. To whom Policy will be applicable to:

Persons who visit the Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm website

Persons who voluntarily communicate with Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm through email, chat or complete any of the data collection forms published on the website of Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm.

Persons who request information about the events and services marketed by Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm or request to participate in any of the commercial activities of Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm.

Persons who engage in a contractual relationship with Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm by hiring a event or any offered services.

Persons who directly or indirectly, have given their express consent for their data to be processed by Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm for any of the purposes set forth in this Policy. The contracting of whatever events or products marketed by Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm require the express acceptance of this Policy.

Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm advises that, except for the existence of a legally constituted representation, no user and/or client can use the identity of another person and communicate their personal data, so the data you provide to Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm must be personal data, corresponding to your own identity, adequate, relevant, current, exact and true.

On this matter, the user and/or client will be solely responsible for any direct or indirect damage caused to third parties or Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm by the use of data from individuals or their own data when they are knowingly false, erroneous, expired, inappropriate or non-relevant information. Likewise, the user and/or client who communicates the personal data of a third party will be responsible for having obtained the corresponding authorization from the interested party, as well as additional consequences.

Therefore, the user and/or client that communicates personal data to Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm declares to be of legal age, in accordance with the provisions of European legislation, abstains from providing data to Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm. Any information provided about a minor will require the consent or prior authorization of their parents, guardians or legal representatives, who will be held responsible for the data provided on the minors under their care.

This Policy will be of a subsidiary application with respect to further conditions that of personal data protection are established with special character and are communicated, without limitation, through the registration forms and contracts being this Policy complementary to those mentioned in that not expressly provided in them.

Purposes of the collection and processing of personal data

Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm, in its capacity is responsible for the action, informs users of the existence of various actions and files in which the personal data communicated to Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm is collected and stored.

The purposes of said collection and processing of personal data is as follows:

In relation to the “cookies” which Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm uses in browsing through its web pages ( are stored in the user’s terminal equipment (computer or mobile device) and collect information when visiting said web pages, in order to improve the usability of the same, aware of the behaviors or needs of navigation of users so as to adapt, as well as obtain information for statistical purposes.

In any case, users can configure their browser, so that it disables or blocks the use of all or some of the cookies. The fact of not wishing to receive these cookies does not constitute an impediment to access the information on the Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm website although the use of some services may be limited. Once consent has been granted for the use of cookies, it is required to remove this, those stored in the user’s equipment should be erased, through the options of the individual browsers.

All information about cookies used by Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm is published in its Cookies Policy, available at

In the case of sending an email to Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm or a communication of personal data through any other means, such as a contact form, the purpose of the collection and processing of such data by Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm is the attention of queries and requests for information which arise regarding Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm products.

In the case of Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm forms, that interested parties complete to participate in any commercial dealings with Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm, the purpose will be to enable such participation, as well as the sending of commercial and advertising communications on cruises and Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm services, unless the interested party explicitly expresses his/her opposition simultaneously of the collection of data. Nevertheless, the interested party may modify his/her decision at any time or as many times as he/she wishes, through the methods provided by Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm for that purpose.

In the hiring of a cruise and/or service marketed by Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm will solely collect personal data that is necessary to establish the contractual relationship to enable the acquisition by said clients.

Period of conservation of personal data

Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm will maintain personal data strictly for the time necessary for the fulfillment of the previously detailed purposes.

Recipients of personal data

The recipients of the personal data collected by Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm are the following:

· Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm employees themselves in the performance of their duties.

· Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm commercial suppliers who offer services by Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm, in the event this is necessary for the provision of the same.

· Suppliers of Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm who act in the processes of Customer Service, commercialization and/or improvement of the products and services offered by Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm.

· The judicial or administrative bodies, as well as the State Security Forces and Corps, in the event Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm is required, in accordance with current legislation to provide information related to its clients and its services.

· Suppliers of Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm who act in the processes of Payment in the commercialization and/or improvement of the events and services offered by Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm.

Rights of users and exercise thereof
Users may exercise at any time the following rights recognized by the GDPR:

Right to portability
The users have the right to receive the personal data that concern them in a structured format, providing said data is exclusively for the user and has been provided by said user.

Users may exercise these rights in the following ways:
Whether they are Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm customers or not, users can exercise their rights by sending communication per e-mail to the address or by sending a written request accompanied by a copy of a valid identity document (eg. Passport, Identity card), addressed to Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm, address Rua Silva Carvalho 60A, 1250-255, Lisboa Portugal

In cases of obviously unfounded or excessively recurring requests, Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm reserves the right to charge a fee for administrative costs arising or the right to refuse to act upon them, in accordance with the provisions of art. 12.5 GDPR.

Control authority

The users and/or clients may contact the corresponding local control authority if they consider that the treatment carried out with respect to their personal data has not been carried out in accordance with current legislation.

The data protection control authority in Spain is the Spanish Data Protection Agency, contact details are available on its website. -ides-idphp.php.

The data protection control authority (ico) in the UK is contactable through its website

International data transfers

Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm products and services in which international transfers are required to enable the provision of same. Said circumstance will be included in the Specific Conditions that apply to the cruise or corresponding service contracted by the customer and expressly accepted by one prior to them.

Security measures

Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm is subject to the necessary security measures to:

· Guarantee permanent confidentiality, integrity, availability and flexibility of treatment systems and services.
· Restore availability and access to personal data quickly, in the event of physical or technical incident.
· Verify, evaluate and assess, on a regular basis, the effectiveness of the technical and organizational measures implemented to guarantee the safety of treatment.


Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm does not accept responsibility for the breach of obligations arising from the GDPR or the corresponding regulations on data protection by the user and/or client in terms of their activity, related to the execution of the contract or business relationships of Federaçao Portuguesa de Songahm.

Each party is responsible for breach of contractual obligations in line with regulations.


1st Object of the general conditions of use:

· offers this portal subject to these Terms of Use.

· The present General Conditions of Use regulate the regime of visit and use of the contents of the portal. These general conditions do not exclude the possibility that certain information or utilities offered through the website of (located at URL are subject to special conditions of use, which, in all In this case, they may be consulted by the User before their activation. The User who accesses their information, content or news voluntarily and unequivocally accepts the content of these conditions of use. If you do not agree with the content of these general conditions of use, you must refrain from browsing this website, leaving it at this moment.

2nd. Benefits and content of the portal:

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· In order to provide the User with the support that may need in his case, he provides a form contact and email contact, as well as the different means of contact.

· may, in the future, provide the User with new content, information or additional facilities.

3rd. Responsibility for the process and use of the contents on the Internet:

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4th. Liability for the use of links through the ataeurocamp portal:

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· Any person who registers in activities or events offered by ataeurocamp agrees to assign any of the images and / or videos produced within the event without being able to claim anything for it in return.

6th. ataeurocamp’s responsibility for the operation of the ataeurocamp portal

· Neither ataeurocamp will be responsible for the inadequate functioning of the ataeurocamp portal if this is due to maintenance work, incidents that affect international operators, a defective configuration of the User’s equipment or their insufficient capacity to support the essential computer systems to be able to use from service.

7th Modifications:

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8th. Resolution and / or cancellation:

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9th Communications:

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10th Applicable law and conflict resolution:

· Spanish legislation will apply to these Conditions. The present general conditions of use are governed by the Spanish Laws. Any dispute regarding the website of will be substantiated before the Spanish jurisdiction, submitting the parties to the Courts and Tribunals of the city of Barcelona, ​​and their hierarchical superiors, expressly waiving their jurisdiction if they have one and were different from those reviewed.


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1st What are Cookies and how does use them?

Cookies are small files that the website or application that you use installs in your browser or on your device (Smartphone, tablet or connected television) during your tour of the pages or by the application, and serve to store information about your visit. Like most sites on the internet, uses Cookies to:

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2nd. Because they are important?

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3rd. What are the different types of cookies used by

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Techniques: (Google, Twitter)

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4th. How can I set my Cookies?

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5th Do we update our Cookies Policy? can modify this Cookies Policy in accordance with new legislative requirements, regulations, or with the purpose of adapting said policy to the instructions that may arise from the legal texts of the Organic Law 15/1999, of December 13 (LOPD ) and the General Data Protection Regulation of May 25, 2016 EU (RGDP) on the Protection of Personal Data.

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